[Interview] Danny Tang, IBM Global Banking; My branches are empty! What do I do?

[Danny Tang, IBM Global Banking, being interviewed by Gearóid Power, CEO of Antuar during Mini Conf '18. #ConversationsWorthHaving]





Deloitte, Accenture and larger consulting firms suggesting 3 primary roles for banks today; digital channel, sales channel, advisory channel while putting an end to the transactional business.  Is this the right thing to do? 



Some consulting firms do like to explore cross selling - which in my opinion has been the thinking from the past decade. 


The role of branches in the past was about transactions, starting in the 90's and 00's... we began talking about going from transactions to sales. Didn't really work out. 


My branches are empty... what do I do? 


If you don't have transactions traffic, you don't have any one in the branches, so who are you going to sell to? 


Branches should be the center of client relationships. Definitely not to be considered to be solely about sales. 


We all know this; when we manage the relationship, the sales will come. 





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