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Why partner

Antuar delivers branch innovation for Financial Institutions with enterprise software.  While the Antuar software solution is one that can be used internationally by FIs of different sizes, there are a few elements of every enterprise solution that need to be considered. 

1/ Where will the application be hosted

2/ How will it be delivered

3/ Who will support the application/environment/integration

4/ What other enterprise solutions do I want to utilize to fulfil all the features that they may want

In some cases, the FI will be able to answer these questions themselves but also be the provider of those elements of the solution (e.g., they will host the solution themselves (internally, or in their own cloud), they will be big enough to have their own support desk, they will already have other systems in place (e.g., fraud, KYC etc.).

However, it is often the case that Antuar is asked to recommend some services, or solutions, that can be implemented as part of a branch project.  Indeed, the branch project can be part of a bigger project (e.g., a core replacement) where the branch solution needs to be identified before a core solution may be sold.

Antuar is happy to work with partners in the following fields:

  • Infrastructure:  Cloud hosting

  • Professional Services:  Implementation System Integrators to deliver bespoke offerings for larger clients

  • Core Providers: Cores that are selling to Brick and Mortar" banks and that need to have  a solution/story around how branches will need to be facilitated.

  • Complementary Products:  Antuar is focused on providing the branch solution.  There are a number of other systems that are focused on providing specific features that Antuar can integrate to and consume e.g., KYC, OFAC, Fraud etc.

  • Hardware Providers: One of the unique aspects of a branch solution (when compared to a mobile or online channel) is that it deals with cash, and branch devices (peripherals) such as pin pads, printers, scanners, cash recyclers.

There are many benefits for companies to partner.  Having a partnership with Antuar, with some form of pre-integrated solution will mean that each company can benefit from reducing the effort, risk and cost to a client when taking on large projects. 

Partner resources

Partners get access to the full set of product documentation, marketing and brand materials.  Access to Antuar portal details, including access to demo sandboxes that can be configured to demonstrate integration to partner products and environments.


Proud to work with

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