inBranch Transact

inBranch Transact is Antuar’s flagship product; it manages all financial transactions within the branch network and provides all key functional requirement required by the branch staff: cash management, electronic journaling, asset management, along with a host of additional benefits, which give your branch staff the necessary tools and information to provide a superior customer experience in your branch.

inBranch enables financial institutions to use their branch network as a differentiator in an increasingly competitive banking environment.

inBranch Transact is a branch system that enhances users’ ability to serve your customers and drive efficiencies by:

  • Reducing transaction time

  • Reducing manual data entry

  • Eliminating the need for printing

  • Enhancing real-time compliance

  • Optimizing inventory management

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Offering new services

What can inBranch Transact

do for your business?

Reduce operational costs:

  • Improve branch process automation from the front to the back office.

  • Increase staff utilization with workflow and service requests.

  • Paperless processes with the ability to capture signatures on pin pads, and email receipts.

  • Predictive Cash Management - the amount of each denomination that should be held, ordered or returned to the central collection point.

Reduce capital expenditure:

  • inBranch’s browser-based, cloud-enabled system reduces the need to purchase additional hardware.

  • Shared branch peripherals mean that the branch can save money by reducing the amount of hardware and other equipment that it needs to buy.

  • Flexible license terms.

  • inBranch Transact’s modular system allows your branch and staff to become more efficient without replacing your core system.

Increase sales:

  • Provide a 360-degree view of the customer data to the staff dealing with the customers face to face.

  • inBranch’s integrated Engage/Campaign functionality identifies customers who are pre-qualified for additional banking products and prompts users to engage.

  • The integrated lead management system will prompt staff to engage customers who started but did not complete a sales process on other banking channels (e.g. online).

  • Branch staff will be empowered to be more sales focussed with the ability to cross-sell, up-sell, and build better relationships with customers by having all information on a single view interface.

  • Management will be provided with the BI to provide meaningful incentives to branch staff (increased sales of up to 20% have been seen with other clients).

Improve customer experience and stickiness:

  • inBranch Transact is a customer and relationship-centric application that significantly improves brand stickiness through managing customer interactions in the branch as well as other channels.

  • The multilingual application can present its user interface in different languages.

  • The branch’s management can set customized messages for customers.

  • Staff can now develop targeted sales campaigns for qualifying customers.

  • Branch managers have the autonomy to change messages either sent to their staff, displayed on pin pads, printed on receipts, or in emails to customers.

  • inBranch provides customers with omnichannel banking experience.

Support for drive-up, satellite,

and mobile branches:

  • Secondary authorization via smartphone allows smaller branches to assist customers with their transactions remotely.

  • Customer transactions can be managed easily either by grouping transactions by customer, suspending customer transactions and sessions, transferring sessions between users, and even managing multiple sessions for one user.

  • Assisted-self-service kiosk functionality built on the same platform allows branch staff to interact with customers.

Provides the ability for quick response to changes in customer/staff behaviour and products:

  • Browser-based applications typically provide a quicker setup/rollout time for new functions and features.

  • Automated build, deploy and test processes support the quick turnaround of functionality and DevOps opportunities.

  • Management can view real-time branch reports and take appropriate action immediately.

Share functionality between front office, back office, agents, and customers (kiosk)

  • Browser-based, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) applications ease the process of controlling access to staff or individuals without having to install separate applications on each terminal/computer.

  • The use of a consistent set of business services allows for better audit trails within the organization.

  • inBranch is configured to be used by back-office staff.

  • Business services are developed once and can be used across different channels restricting access through Role Based Access Control.

Improve training times for staff

  • The inBranch application is designed to guide users through complex transactions instead of having to know and memorize complex codes/user shortcuts.

  • Modern-day internet users will typically be more familiar with the modern (UX) interface on the application.

  • inBranch uses a single-window interface to access multiple systems i.e. CRM, cash, transactions etc.

  • Staff are able to handle complex transactions more easily and with less training, allowing them to focus on helping the customer.

Provide secure, accurate and reliable business services

  • Implements leading industry standards security features to prevent malicious and fraudulent intent.

  • IBM Labs used for inBranch's penetration and performance standards.

  • The application can be integrated into the bank’s chosen authorization and authentication.

  • The Financial Transaction Framework provides a consistent template for financial transactions.

Provides consistent and precise compliance and audit information

  • Detailed logging of user actions is captured by inBranch for compliance and reporting purposes.

  • The Teller and Branch End of Day processes create Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and suspicious transaction reports.

  • Users can also check electronic journals to undertake investigation and audit controls.

  • Local and real-time remote secondary approvals provide appropriate authorization controls.

  • The application can randomly force an audit of a cash drawer, vault or cash machine based on business rules to fulfil governance requirements.

Use the latest technology to reflects your bank's image

  • inBranch is tablet enabled, highlighting the branch’s contemporary style.

  • The use of a browser-based interface sets a modern tone.

  • Users can connect to the application wirelessly.

  • Inbuilt biometrics for security.

  • The application is a mobile wallet enabled.

  • The branch application is integrated into an assisted-self-service kiosk.

  • inBranch comes pre-integrated to cash recyclers.

  • Integration to Geolocation technology is used to identify when customers enter the branch, allowing for increased levels of customer service.

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