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inBranch Transact

inBranch Transact is a full-service, browser based, teller solution that is core agnostic. Dedicated to innovating cash and people across the branch network, inBranch Transact offers: cash management resources, cash planning tools, CTR, and Reg CC for the US market, a fully accessible electronic journal, and 27 other branch functions integrated to a Financial Institution's ecosystem to ensure a seamless solution experience.


The inBranch Transact application is designed to integrate, but much of that work has been done for some core solutions. The inBranch application has been integrated into Finxact and Temenos Transact cores.  Certification has also been achieved for Finastra Fusion, and JHA JXchange. 

Low/no code v bespoke

The inBranch Transact 2024* release of the product has rearchitected the underlying technology and logic to be more efficient in the cloud environment. It has also allowed many of the product features to be configured through an administration console by the delivery team and/or the Financial Institution's application support team. This approach allows for a much quicker implementation time, and reduces the overhead for development/technical teams to be involved. This is likely to suit smaller FIs that will enjoy the benefits of a well defined set of business processes with configured input. While larger institutions have the option to configure their solution, they can add bespoke development offerings to tailor the application to their own sophisticated processes, and infrastructure.


inBranch Transact is a modular application. Only take, implement and pay for what you need.  The modules are grouped into for parts, please drill into each section to see a description for each module.

Modern Building




  • Flexibility? Facilitating different branch models while improving customer engagement, and increasing sales in the branch.

  • Reduce Costs? A way to reduce the cost to service transactions while empowering their staff with relevant information at the point of contact.

  • Reduce Training Overheads? Existing and New Staff! A solution that all staff members can operate intuitively.

Core Agnostic. Designed to integrate with multiple systems


Browser Based application, without need for Branch Servers


Achieve paperless banking, C21 compliant solution


Server-based solution, all business logic resides centrally


Staff can service clients’ higher value needs by automating admin tasks


Fully integrated solution with tellers, tablets, kiosks, digitial channels, all integrated


Omni Channel integration to complete Sales opportunities. Up to 40% increase in sales within Branch


Pre-integrated with most common peripherals


20% increase in Staff Utilisation, improved analytics and control


Improved customer engagement, improved customer service.


True transformation experience is only realized

when both the customer and the staff benefit.

We put the business logic on a server in your data center. We connect the server to your back office systems including your core and CRM etc. We aggregate the data from multiple sources and multiple channels to provide your customers with a true omni channel experience. Application works on a browser at the Teller station, or on a tablet within the branch.


Finding the optimal branch balance to service customers is a difficult

task. Having the right solution implemented in the branch network can allow financial institutions focus on the service each branch should offer. Antuar's software allows banks to adapt each branch configuration as they see fit.


inBranch Transact provides many innovate features, some of which are

- Remote Authorizations by smart phone or other registered device.

- Queue Busting, Geo-Location, and customer information allowing better interaction with customers in less time

- Cash Planning, Front to back Workflows, Cloud enabled solution etc. etc.


Tablet interfaces for staff means they can interact with the clients and direct them if required. It gives them the ability to view client details and approve transactions if needed. Tablet interface can also link to your sales and service applications to proactively help sell.


Automate administrative tasks, provide better information to the branch staff, improve customer experience,

- Improve Staff Utilization by 40%

- Improve Customer Retention

- Increase Sales in the branch by up to 20%


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