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Banks & Credit Unions

Branch Software for
Financial Institutions

Antuar offers the best of breed branch banking internationally. Improving the customer experience and cost to income ratio with the latest technology.

Transitioning core banking solutions to digital is complex and expensive. So many banks concentrate their investment in online and mobile services rather than address the issues with the in-branch channel, when it all needs to be part of an interconnected plan.


Antuar’s advanced technology and architecture, specifically server-less and cloud-based infrastructure, enables banks  to upgrade efficiently to the branch of the future.

Antuar's focus is on transforming bank branches in 4 key ways:

1/ Making branch solutions more efficient

2/ Making the experience more customer centric

3/ Driving efficiencies though interconnected solutions

4/ Providing user-friendly interfaces with less training requirements

We work with banks around the world to develop and execute  a branch plan that is executed with our world leading technology.

Core Agnostic. Designed to integrate with multiple systems


Browser Based application, without need for Branch Servers


Achieve paperless banking, C21 compliant solution


Server-based solution, all business logic resides centrally


Staff can service clients’ higher value needs by automating admin tasks


Fully integrated solution with tellers, tablets, kiosks, digitial channels, all integrated


Omni Channel integration to complete Sales opportunities. Up to 40% increase in sales within Branch


Pre-integrated with most common peripherals


20% increase in Staff Utilisation, improved analytics and control


Improved customer engagement, improved customer service.


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