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About Antuar

Created in 2012, Antuar is the global lead developer of teller solutions for financial institutions. Our software works with any core system, providing in-branch automation with a human touch.


Despite the migration to digital - banks, credit unions and building society branches still require a branch teller system. A means for customers to interact with cash and check transactions and apply for other banking products and services.


The branch is the heart of a bank's business driving deposits and growth and is the key link between the point of interaction with the consumer, physical and digital. Successful banks will offer a seamless digital experience that transcends experience expectations, in-branch and online.


And to do that, Antuar is the perfect partner.

For Antuar, the product is just the software. The solution is the implementation and servicing.


That’s why we take a consultative approach. As well as our team’s own experience, we’re always listening and questioning and helping our client’s design with future state in mind.


Any features we apply are based around solving issues in the market. Yes we can offer tools – but we also consider the overall picture – working to make staffing and management integration
as smooth as possible.


Over the past decade, we’ve developed and redeveloped our cloud solution. This has given us a real edge over competitors who rely on older in-branch systems.


And because we’re smaller and more agile than most companies, we can roll out changes more quickly. We offer a white glove-based approach for in-branch banking.


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