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Antuar is a financial technology company focused on branch innovation. 


  • In today’s fast-paced world, the role of the branch is evolving, and Antuar’s banking software solutions are designed to enable Financial Institutions to innovate the branch network while reducing the overhead cost of servicing customers. 

  • To achieve this, Antuar has created a suite of banking solutions that are hardware agnostic, and core agnostic products that cater to full service, Assisted Self Service, Self-Service, and meaningful Engagement at Point-of-Contact.  

  • Antuar integrates with core service providers and the branch network using an agile delivery model and suite of supporting tools.

  • Antuar has a track record of reducing costs by up to 40% and increasing sales by up to 1 new product per household. This is done by empowering branch staff to interact with clients through banking software technology and information while reducing and optimising manual overheads.

  • Antuar is a team of experienced branch people, designing branch solutions with an office in Ireland.

  • Formed in 2012 by a group of branch people and technology professionals, each member of the Antuar team came over with two decades of experience; in designing, implementing, and supporting bank channel systems worldwide. 

  • Since then, the Antuar team has worked with Financial Institutions to innovate the branch experience resulting in Antuar’s suite of banking solution software products actively reducing costs, and increasing customer service for clients now on three continents.

Proud to work with

Antuar innovated the branch network for America First Credit Union in 2015, involving a complete replacement of the branch teller system in 130 branches.

Automation, self-service, and engagement were also part of the overall solution that directly increased the lifetime value of their customers by 1 new product per customer, inside year one.

To explore how we might be able to support your branch transformation needs, a free 30-minute conversation, with a software demonstration if applicable, is an ideal starting point.

Image credit IBM

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