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[PRESS RELEASE] Finxact Marketplace Welcomes Antuar

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

JACKSONVILLE, FL, APRIL 13 2022 – Finxact, the leading provider of the next-gen core banking platform to the US regional and super-regional banking sector, today announced that Antuar has joined its Marketplace of best-in-class banking solutions. Together the companies will enable banks running the Finxact core to provide innovative full-service branch services for their clients’ customers, allowing for a true omni-channel service offering, particularly, for incumbent banks looking to update their ecosystem with the latest technology and agile products.

Antuar’s inBranch suite of software solutions deliver teller, kiosk/ITM, and sales engagement applications that will integrate to the Finxact platform, providing financial institutions with the ability to reduce costs, increase revenue at the branch and create efficiencies between in-person channels that complement the institution’s digital channels.

Antuar products are designed to optimize the interaction time with customers through browser-based user interfaces that work across teller stations, kiosks, and tablets to promote a shoulder-to-shoulder engagement approach in the branch.

“We believe the branch will remain a vital engagement channel for financial institutions. Antuar is innovating that in-person banking experience as thoughtfully and thoroughly as our other ecosystem partners are transforming the purely digital channels. We are thrilled for our banks to benefit from what they are making possible,” said Christopher McClinton, CMO of Finxact.

“We are really excited to work with Finxact, a high achieving cloud core provider. By providing our innovative physical channel solutions to their best of breed core system, FIs can get up to speed quickly and efficiently, allowing them to reinvent their service offering. We see the banking industry as a domain requiring agility in their banking platform to compete and stay relevant in the marketplace. The alliance with Finxact gives all FIs the tools to do just that. We are looking forward to making more announcements about this relationship soon.” - Gearóid Power, CEO, Antuar

The Finxact Marketplace attracts the leading fintechs and banking technology providers to position their solutions to the market integrated with the leading next gen core platform via its open-API architecture. In the Marketplace, banks can readily identify solutions for which they may become the driver for API-based integration, as well as those solutions that are pre-integrated and form part of the Finxact reference ecosystem in production environments.



Finxact’s headless core is a SaaS platform engineered to support the scale and regulatory requirements of the largest U.S.-based financial institutions. Its cloud-native core banking system provides 100% accessibility to all data and functions via a robust set of modern APIs, empowering banks and their partners to rapidly deliver new experiences by creating products on demand and integrating new services as needed. Learn more at


Antuar is a financial technology company focused on branch innovation. In today’s fast-paced world, the role of the branch is evolving, and Antuar’s banking software solutions are designed to enable financial institutions to innovate the branch network, while reducing the overhead cost of servicing customers. To achieve this, Antuar has created a suite of hardware agnostic and core agnostic banking solutions that cater for full service, assisted self-service, self-service, and meaningful engagement at point-of-contact. Learn more at

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