September 5, 2018

Interviews for The Elephant in the Branch Special Report (LAST CALL)

We designed and ran Miniconf18, The Elephant in The Branch, to kick off this conversation. We’ve then spent the last few months interviewing Thought Leaders in the areas of Elephants and Branch Transfo...

Tom Newins, is COO of Alaska USA (Alaska USA Federal Credit Union).

We had a brief chat with Tom to discuss his view on Branch Transformation and share some learnings from the great work they are doing over at Alaska USA.

The time was well invested. We got to know...

When it comes to making change... you gotta be able to take a beating... Innovation will work.... but not before you pay the piper.

Top 3 key areas related to staff that need our (collective) attention: 1. Mass Consistency! 2. Resistance to change! 3. Technology adaptation across Gen X, Y, Z...

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