[VIDEO] | Panel discussion: The milestones in Branch Transformation.


Following is a summary of the morning panel that took place at Mini Conf 18 in Salt Lake City, March 2018. 


The panelists were, from left to right, Greg Gopal of Wings Financial, Danny Tang, IBM Global Banking, Suzanne Rathke (The RWC Group) and Mauricio Zurita (Plan Market),


The session was hosted and facilitated by me, CEO over here at Antuar.  


The question presented to the panel: 


“What timescales do you see in Branch Transformation Delivery and are there any key milestones along the way? “




The summary of their answers: 

1. Define your strategy


This refers to knowing what your customer is all about, your core values, branding and what the bank is all about. Ensuring that all of these things are consistent and are in alignment is key to Branch Transformation Delivery.




2. Define your roadmap



Having a clear picture of where you want to go is essential. Write down the goals, obstacles, plan b, deliverables and timelines by starting with the end in mind.  3yrs from now, what does the world look like?  And if it looks like that 3 yrs from now, then what evidence exists in 12months time to prove the 3yr goals are on track? If that evidence exists 12 months from now, then what actions need to be achieved 6 months from now? 




 3. Get ready for a lot of change management



This refers to the people understanding the strategic plan, the roadmap you're pursuing and the training of the people involved from hardware, software, design and beyond. 



4. Implementing is king. 



It is in the actual doing that you get to decide which equipment to leverage. Here you analyse the performance in a single location. You take the results here and if they are not optimal then you use it to re-inform your strategy and repeat the process again. If they are optimal, then we roll out, branch wide. 








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