[Interview] Ben Christensen, CIO, Weber State CU: Branch Transformation has elephants: staff.


We caught up with Ben Christensen, CIO of Weber State Credit Union to talk Branch Transformation, Elephants and his thoughts on our upcoming Mini Conf '18.


If you haven't heard about MiniConf18 or if you didn't get our personal invite in the post, consider yourself invited. We have a few spaces left. 


30 minutes with Ben and our communications team went into a brief meltdown wondering:


"How could we get another hour out of our already packed agenda to really do the elephant, affectionately referred to as staff, justice?" 


Ben was right.


Staff are definitely a topic worthy of a deep dive.


While we will certainly be addressing the topic at #MiniConf18 we all came away agreeing that we could give an entire day to just this aspect and still not get to the other side. 



When we asked Ben about his take on the top 3 areas related to staff and branch transformation, he had this to say: 


"The term universal employee? It's part of the problem as its very sentiment loses the humanity that is fundamental to a successful branch transformation." 


"There are a few key areas related to staff that warrant our focus when we're undertaking branch transformation."


We asked him to pick his top 3.

So he did. 


Top 3 key areas related to staff that need our (collective) attention: 


1. Mass Consistency!

Overcoming the silo effect in a single transformed branch when the rest continue to operate under an old model. Seamless branch experience for our customers, it is not. 


2. Resistance to change! 

It's the human condition, sure. And it's imperative we find more efficient ways to serve our employees so they are better equipped to embrace change so they can thrive inside that change. 


3. Technology adaptation across Gen X, Y, Z...

We need different modalities that focus on different skill sets that facilitate different mindsets. So not asking for much. 


We couldn't have said it better. 

Thanks for making the time for us Ben. 


Read Ben's guest post here.  Branches and what's really changing. 


Click the picture below to get your copy, coming soon.

















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