[Interview] Suzanne Rathke, The RWC Group on The Elephant in the Branch

February 20, 2018



Suzanne Rathke, EVP of The RWC Group (Real World Consulting) is one of our panelists for our upcoming Mini Conf '18:


The Elephant in the Branch


and we're delighted to have her. 


We invited Suzanne to have a chat with us in the run up to our event to get a better sense of her insights on elephants, branches and where it's all going.  We're glad we did and as such, decided to share part of that conversation with you, here. 


"Branch Transformation is such a big word!"


It includes so much from things like; look & feel, tellers, training, hardware, software, retail layout, location, customer experience or even moving the branch to a face to face meeting in Starbucks.


It's really only when we break it down into its 4 distinct parts that we are able to start to experience the full ramifications of what is Branch Transformation.


"The 4 distinct parts of branch transformation."


  1. Discovery 

  2. Branch Design: today - tomorrow. 

  3. Hardware/Software

  4. Change Management, Training and Procedures.  


"For me, the elephant is really about answering the question, "what is the future of omni channel?"


Of course mobile and app based banking is part of our future, and having a personal touch is going to have to be there... small, medium or full on. A branch can be as simple as:  "I'll meet you at Starbucks!"


Branch will look different but there will always be a need for a branch. The questions I have are: 


1. What are the strategic priorities going into 2023 for the bank?

2. What are the evolution of customer priorities now? 

3. What needs to be done to engage millennials in financial products. 


Suzanne Rathke, is currently a Client Team Manager and Executive Vice President for The RWC Group, a leading provider of top tier advisory and professional services to banks and government agencies.  With thirty years of experience in Consumer Operations including statewide teller services, cash inventory, equipment inventory, and vendor contract management, Suzanne is responsible for furthering regional and national accounts by focusing on Bank Branch Transformation initiatives and consulting to The RWC Group’s extensive line of banking solutions.  


Prior to joining The RWC Group, the majority of Suzanne’s career was in Frost Bank’s consumer operations and regional sales.  Her career has spanned across all areas of branch banking including branch design, workforce management, teller and personal banking platform management, controls, branch and ATM cash inventory, training, back office operations, treasury management and branch operations as a whole. 


During her time at Frost Bank, she quickly earned leadership roles and was Chairperson of several organizations such as the Quality Control Committee, Statewide Cash Action Committee and Statewide Limits Committee.

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