Branch Innovation, Delivered.

40% Increase in Staff Utilization. 20% Increase in Sales.

The Most Profitable Flexibility you can access

inBranch is a suite of core-, and hardware-agnostic banking software products.


inBranch Devices


Self-Service Kiosk

Connects your teller (or other application) software to the branch peripherals to automate functionality from cash recyclers and check scanners to authentication devices and printers. 

Image by John Schnobrich

inBranch Transact

Full Service Teller

Intuitive, relationship-centric, core agnostic branch transaction processing application proven to increase staff utilization and promote the sale of new financial products.

inBranch Kiosk


Self-Service Kiosk

Customer-facing, hardware agnostic, assisted self-service product; coupled with branch staff tablets that offer your customers/members a new option for banking. This is branch automation while maintaining the human touch.


inBranch Engage

Customer Engagement

A customer engagement product that tracks service requests and sales opportunities through their life cycle, ensuring that you don't miss a sale or service opportunity.