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We're at this year's JAC|SEC — Come say hi!

If Branch Innovation is on your radar for the immediate to long term future, then a conversation with us at the JAC|SEC Virtual Conference 11-14 October would be timely.

Two biggest conferences of the year – Jack HenrySM Annual Conference (JAC) & TechConnect and Symitar® Educational Conference (SEC) & TechConnect – will run concurrently under the same roof, with both virtual and in-person offerings.

For 4 days, 6000 industry professionals, 455+ credit unions, 550+ banks and FIs, and more will be set to collaborate, connect and grow. As JAC|SEC's tagline would say, this is an opportunity for us all to move forward together whether that's virtually held or in-person.

And with Antuar being at this year's JAC|SEC conference also highlights our software being integrated with JAC's —and any bank using JAC software can use our software automagically.

Antuar is truly growing and going places.

What can you expect from us?

We are a financial technology company resolving branch innovation for Banks & Credit Unions on 4 continents - we're sharing case studies, best practices and predictions during our time with JAC. Antuar is also talking to Financial Institutions about the operational, logistical and revenue generating resources available inside a branch innovation project.

From October 11 - 14, experts from Antuar will be at the event; You can meet us when you create a virtual meeting by the TechConnect tab. Come say hi and we'll help you understand how our Branch Software Solutions are relevant to where you are and where you need to be.

The website for the conference is here:

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