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It’s Time You C-T.H.I.S.: Your Personal Roadmap to Branch Innovation and Optimization

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

By now, we have resolved to the fact that branches continue to be relevant. But, its imprint should continue to evolve. The future of branches lie with the relentless building of new business models and brand experiences that do more than just save money.

It’s true that there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to branch transformation. The key here is identifying what it is you need to get to your desired results.

Last 2018, we invited well-rounded FIs to consider the C-T.H.I.S. perspective when seeking branch transformation results.

C-.T.H.I.S. stands for Consulting across: Tech, Hardware, Innovative Design, Staff. It is a categorization of ideas to be considered as you plan, organise and build through each of the 5 Phases of Branch Innovation.

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1. Consulting

In your journey to true transformation, a great experience for both parties starts with a clarity of purpose at the beginning. Consulting insights are meant to tackle your overall process so you can point towards a well-calculated direction.

2. Technology

New technology is evolving quickly but that doesn’t mean that every new tech that comes along is right for you. As you build support in the iterative nature of these products, it is equally important that you are partnering with technology providers that you can trust to deliver the results you are eyeing to have.

3. Hardware

Machinery can be intimidating for anyone. And when you’re selecting hardware that fits with your brand strategy, it is critical that it is future proof for the next generation and that it delivers value not just to you but to your members, and your staff who will be using them first hand.

4. Innovative Design

From your location to what makes an effective use of your space, it is critical you design your branch with the people who know it best — the bankers! The level of expertise and knowledge of not just bankers but experts will greatly elevate, not just the awareness and experience of new branches, but also your overall brand as a result.

5. Staff

We can’t stress enough how important it is to find the right people who will be the face of your brand. What drives businesses to do what it does are the people behind it. We firmly believe that even in the face of every new technology, we all crave stories and we still want to see the humanity behind a brand. So involve your staff in the overall strategy and growth; give them a purpose and a sense of belonging.

As with every business, consumer wants and needs are the drivers of all strategic marketing decisions. To better address these needs and wants in a deeper capacity, banks continue to evolve, and to transform. And this starts with carefully refining our ways and constantly seeking ways to reinvigorate the relevance of branches.

C-.T.H.I.S. is not a prescriptive approach. But we still went ahead and gave you your very own sturdy roadmap with which you can sense-check and cross-reference your thoughts along with ours.


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