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IBERIABANK, a division of First Horizon Bank, rolls out Antuar’s software solution

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

IBERIABANK, a division of First Horizon Bank, has selected Antuar inBranch software to make strides in their plans to incorporate assisted self-service technologies in its banking centers in the Acadiana region of South Louisiana. These systems help to automate everyday transactions by providing clients with more improved self-service options which allows bank associates the opportunity to deepen the quality and scope of service on more complex interactions.

Antuar’s inBranch Kiosk product (an Assisted Self-Serve Solution) has been rolled out on Nautilus Hyosung’s NH8200QTN hardware, across three pilot banking centers in Lafayette and New Iberia, Louisiana, that will innovate the branch experience, for and with its clients, amid Covid-19 restrictions.

As bank associates serve as concierge with clients to train them on the new technology available, the solution has been well received by both bank clients and banking center staff.

“We invested in this new technology to enhance the client experience at several of our banking centers. Giving our clients the option to use a self-service system for simple transactions allows them more time to get back to their routines. This robust technology also allows bankers to spend their time enhancing relationships with our clients and to uncover opportunities to help clients reach their financial goals,” said Jerry Vascocu, Executive Vice President and Acadiana Market President for IBERIABANK.

IBERIABANK’s Banking Center Transformation pilot project integrated Hyosung’s hardware, Antuar’s software, Automated Transaction Delivery’s testing solutions, IBERIABANK’s JHA JXchange, as well as JHA Silverlake core. Clients can avail of the inBranch Kiosk software to get access as well as transact on all of their accounts.

“We are committed to transforming the branch experience for Financial Institutions by providing the technology solutions needed using an Agile delivery model and supporting tools. We move fast while ensuring you have access to demonstrable feature sets that deliver commercially viable results,” said Moises Ventura Espejo, Chief Technology Officer

With the merger of equals between IBERIABANK and First Horizon Bank, Antuar will support the transition of the machines to the surviving systems.

Antuar has already established successful integrations for inBranch Kiosks and inBranch Devices with hardware partners including; SourceTech, Glory, and GRG. We recently completed a seamless connection between the GRG TCR71 and our inBranch Self Serve Teller System in Q3, 2020.



Antuar is a financial technology company focussed on branch innovation.

In today’s fast paced world, the role of the branch is evolving, and Antuar’s banking software solutions are designed to enable Financial Institutions to innovate the branch network, while reducing the overhead cost of servicing customers.

To achieve this Antuar has created a suite of banking solutions, that are hardware agnostic, and core agnostic products that cater for full service, Assisted Self Service, Self-Service, and meaningful Engagement at Point-of-Contact.

Antuar integrates with core service providers and the branch network using an agile delivery model and suite of supporting tools.

Antuar has a track record in reducing costs by up to 40% and increasing sales by up to 1 new product per household. This is done by empowering branch staff to interact with clients through banking software technology and information, while reducing and optimising manual overheads.

Antuar is a team of experienced branch people, designing branch solutions with offices in Florida, Argentina and Ireland.

Formed in 2012 by a group of branch people and technology professionals, each member of the Antuar team came over with two decades of experience; designing, implementing, and supporting bank channel systems around the world.

Since then, the Antuar team have worked with Financial Institutions to innovate the branch experience resulting in Antuar’s suite of banking solution software products actively reducing costs, and increasing customer service for clients now on three continents.

Antuar innovated the branch network for America First Credit Union in 2015, involving a complete replacement of the branch teller system in 130 branches. Automation, self-service and engagement were also part of the overall solution that

directly increased the lifetime value of their customers by 1 new product per customer, inside year one.

To explore how we might be able to support your branch transformation needs, a free 30-minute conversation, with a software demonstration if applicable, is an ideal starting point.

About ATD

Automated Transaction Delivery: Automated Transaction Delivery was formed in 2015 to provide the latest financial transaction delivery technology at an affordable cost. We are a consulting-driven financial integration company focused on discovering, developing and delivering solutions to challenges our Financial Institution Partners are faced with. With the ability to work with different manufacturers, ATD can offer flexibility to our Financial Institution customers based on their needs.

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