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Functionality Delivered In a 3-Month Project

Assumption is that the hardware chosen is one that Antuar's pre-integrated with.

Pre-Integrated on Jack Henry Silverlake, Antuar can have your bank live in 3 months with the following functionality.

This is a list of the features available in the Antuar inBranch Kiosk that are pre-integrated Silverlake 2021. One application is being offered as part of this document proposal. This can be extended as part of a project.

  1. General

  2. Retrieve client information (personal and account)

  3. Print receipts

  4. Capture ID - need to check is this is available on the Selected ITM.

  5. Capture client picture (fraud prevention)

  6. CTR details capture.

  7. Automatically create under / overs (reconciliation)

  8. Client transactions

  9. Deposit cash and/or check.

  10. Deposit check with cash back *

  11. Withdrawal to cash

  12. Loan Payment

  13. Transfer between clients’ accounts

  14. Cash check ^

  15. Cash exchange

  16. View transaction history

  17. Non-Client Transactions

  18. Non-Client deposit (cash, checks)

  19. Non-Client Cash on-us check ^

  20. Administrative

  21. Configure transaction limits (hard limit and escalation to Concierge)

  22. Configure check rules (black-lists, holds, on us routing)

  23. Add new ITMs to the branch network.

  24. Managing Kiosks on network

  25. Managing functionality on individual kiosks

  26. Manage transaction fees.

  27. Manage marketing material (receipt messages, attract loops)

  28. Concierge (Tablet) application to

  29. Authenticate Staff on Concierge tablet using Active Directory

  30. Authenticate client by “One Time Password”.

  31. View client details

  32. View account details and history

  33. Approve transactions escalated by business rules in real time.

  34. View electronic journal transactions performed through inBranch Kiosk.

  35. View Kiosk exceptions (hardware and business

  36. Manage client session on Kiosks.

  37. Manage and monitor the devices and hardware.

  38. Manage and monitor cash position.

  39. Transfer cash to/from ITM to vault

  40. Audit machine

  41. Generate reports (as defined by the default reports process)

  42. Basic video link between ITM and Concierge interface (e.g. drive up)

The above functionality will be integrated into the financial institutions’ environment, and the look and feel of the application will be updated to the brand details provided.

The following Additional functionality is available but may not be included in the 3 month timeline.

  1. Client Authentication using:

  2. Bank card: functionality can also include EPP/PIN Pad key encryption and key management.

  3. Mobile phone application Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  4. Online banking credentials

  5. Facial recognition

  6. Authenticating Staff using a means other than LDAP / Active Directory

  7. Extended Video management: Antuar recommends using a POPio as it can be leveraged to provide reports, queue management and further digital engagement with the clients.

  8. Check printing to a dedicated check printer in the branch (not in ITM) managed through the Concierge application.

  9. Additional Customer Engagement information and/or integration to your CRM

  10. Sales Scripts

  11. Interactions/Service Request history

  12. Appointment Management

  13. Advance line of credit

  14. 3rd party card transactions /Credit Card Advance: this will require integration to the ATM Acquirer network: Antuar recommends using InterPro to act as a bridge between the branch network and the Acquirer network.

  15. Interfacing with specific FED connected Check21 aggregation tool

  16. Optional Interfacing to Check21 image processor of your choice: by default Antuar will use an OEM solution provided by Parascript, if you have a solution that is already implemented that you prefer to be used, this can be done

  17. Pre-staged transactions

  18. Loan payment Settlements

  19. Utility payments

  20. Biometrics/facial recognition

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