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Elephants in the Branch #ElephantinBranch

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

#ElephantinBranch has become a vehicle that captures the conversations for, and against Branch Innovation.

The elephant-sized questions that we asked CIOs, and CTOs working with, and for, US-based Financial Institutions, include:

There are clear differences when it comes to the use of branches, its Innovation, value and its relevance to both digital natives and branch lovers.

No matter what side of the argument you’re on, 2018 vs. 2021 (watch out for this!). The fact of the matter is that we can submit to all things digital, but branches still hold a strong role.

We found ourselves in between mixed opinions in 2018. But, as we now navigate through 2021… or 2022 as this year soon comes to an end, we wonder if there’s a shift in this divide. It’s a good question and a very pertinent one to ask. After all, it’s what helped us build this discussion.

Three years later, will we still find the same answers?


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