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[DEMO] inBranch Kiosk: Touchless Banking in a Pandemic World

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

How do we increase health and safety while doing our banking in the midst of a Pandemic?

  • Withdraw money without interacting with branch staff?

  • Deposit cash and cheques to your account instantly without touching a machine?

  • Control Intelligent Teller Machines (ITMs) from your phone?

  • Control drive-up machines from your phone?

Antuar’s Touchless technology

allows customers to interact with machines without having to physically touch the machine. Customers just identify themselves on their mobile banking application, chooses to interact with kiosks and then scans a QR code from the kiosk screen.

A one-time password is created which allows the customer to authenticate on the kiosk. The customer can now control the kiosk from their mobile phones and have access to all the functionality that is available on the kiosk.

1:55 second demo is here for reference:


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