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Branch Self-service Glossary | Part 4 of 4

This is part 4 of a 4 part series

Part 1: What's the Difference Between Video Teller, ITM, ATM, Assisted-Self Service…?

Part 2: What are the Options for Each Type of Automated Machine Solution?

Part 3: Defining a Branch Automation Ecosystem That Works for You

Part 4: Branch Self-service Glossary

GLOSSARY FOR RETAIL BANKING, Branch Automation Ecosystem

A combination of Software & Machines for the branch lobby & beyond.




ASK (Assisted Self Service Kiosk)

  • Also has the machine software connected to the core systems and additionally will allow staff to interact/assist the client transactions when needed.

  • The key difference between ITM and ASK is that in ASK the customer drives all transactions but assistance can be provided when certain thresholds or business rules call for assistance. The second key difference between ASK and ITM is that the branch staff are armed with the information necessary to interact in a meaningful way with the customer - proactively or after assistance.

For example - if a check needs to be proofed? Or a transaction is above a certain threshold.

Assistance can be local, remote (via video), or none (in which case only ATM-like functionality is available)


Limited transactions based on a card/pin authentication and limited by the services provided over the ATM (rails) networks.


  • A solution that builds upon the ATM solution and adds additional features (such as Video Tellers or branch assistance), but it is not a solution that was designed and developed specifically for the lobby of a branch.

  • Often these solutions miss essential branch functionality such as Balancing of Machines at the End of the Day and triggering of CTR once certain limits are broken.

  • Often referred to as an ITM solution by Vendors.

Automated Solutions

​Software installed on hardware, automate solutions for your Branch Automation Ecosystem

Branch Automation


  • A combination of software and Machines to automate transactions in your branch lobby.

  • This is your branch lobby solution. However because the same solution can also work in drive-through locations as well as in off site locations (such as a shopping centre), the Branch Automation Ecosystem is defined as the branch lobby solution as well as any drive through locations and stand alone machines that provide functionality that is not only running on the ATM rails.

  • This can be a cookie cutter solution, or maybe a hybrid solution utilising the best hardware solutions for each location, irrespective of provider, using a single software application to run your ecosystem.

Cookie-cutter Solutions

Hardware with pre-installed software to serve every situation without considering a Mix-and-Match Approach. The cookie cutter solution is a one size fits all solution, without flexibility.


The hardware your software runs on that determines the role of that machine inside your Branch Automation Ecosystem

Hardware Agnostic

Any software can run on any machine from any vendor. Machines can serve 4 different roles (ITM, ATM, VTM, ASK). It is the software that makes the difference.

Within each segment, the hardware and software combination can allow for flexibility of the solution. For example ASK software can run a high capacity deposit machine (with only deposit available) as well as a full service (Asisited) Self Service solution, the only difference being the capabilities of the hardware, the software is the same


ITM has been used as a catch-all term that includes software connected to the core and also Video Tellers to assist customers (See VTM below). For the purpose of this document, ITM is seen as an integrated software solution connected to the core systems - including ASK (see ASK)

ITM (Intelligent/Interactive Teller Machine)

  • Can have the machine software connect to the core system (s) and retrieve data and post transactions directly to the core.

  • The machine may also be able to deal with ATM transactions (3rd party clients) but doesn’t have to.

ITM Software

  • Retail Banking Software that integrates with your Core system, and runs on any machine, by any vendor to best serve your Branch Automation Ecosystem.

  • It is the software that determines the differences/features, and not always the hardware. You can purchase any software (designed to be hardware-agnostic) to sit on any machine; you are not limited to the software that is being sold with the hardware.

Mix & Match Approach

Any software, any machine, any vendor.


SFM (Single Feature Machine)

  • A machine that only has one transactional purpose. E.g. A high Capacity deposit machine, that only takes cash deposits.

Software Agnostic

  • Machines from any vendor that can run Hardware agnostic software.

  • Software for your hardware is not limited to being purchased from your hardware or Core provider.


Video Teller

  • This is essentially an ATM machine with a video connection to a FI call center.

  • Clients talk to the staff member at the other end of the video call, and the staff member generally keys the transaction into the teller system, while being able to control/see what is going on at the ATM.

  • Clients generally cannot transact on the machine without someone being on the other side of the video system.

  • Video Tellers usually have to double key the information already entered by the customer into a separate system that is integrated into the core systems - e.g. the branch Teller system.

  • Video tellers may allow staff to see/scan client ID in order to start a session.

As these four terms (ATM/ITM/ASK/VTM) are the terms most frequently confused a summary table is included HERE.

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