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Assisted Self Serve; Doorway to sales.

There is a lot to be said for having a clearly defined set of priorities that are supported by clearly marked high value actions in order to realise those priorities.

More could be said for having an automated system that ensures those high value actions, and supporting tasks, and all of the variables those high value actions directly and indirectly depend upon, are being offered up to you in real time, inside accurate context.

When America First Credit Union said yes to Branch Transformation, they saw sales from their Innovation Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, increase by on average, 1 product per household inside year 1.

They automated systems, processes and used intelligence to optimise the day-to-day sales, while refocusing staff on special, out-of-the-ordinary activities that kept customer service high, and the higher ticket sales doors opening.

Listen to the story first hand, here:

America First Credit Union, Glory Tellerinfinity and Antuar Software product:

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