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1-day Mini Conference: Salt Lake City, Utah, March 26, 2018| The Elephant in the Branch

It's a conversation worth it's weight in erm....elephants? and it is happening 26 March at the Marriott, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

You are invited to join two dozen decision makers from Financial Institutions for a 360-degree look at branch transformation.

To register as an audience member and/or a panelist, please visit:


It's a debate:

We're debating branch transformation with a switched on group of panelists and we'd love to see you there.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE BRANCH Mini Conference is a 1-day event for a group of two dozen stakeholders from Financial Organisations to create, debate and participate in a filmed 360 degree conversation about the: 

1.    Dangers of applying a build-it-and-they-will-come, Field of Dreams, branch approach. 

2.    Evolution of technology and what it means for branches; is it evolution or branch extinction?

3.    Commercial value of a transformed branch is focused on relationship building and transaction automation. 

4.    Merit of dumping the branch and building an almighty app instead.

5.    Likelihood of customers giving up human contact, tradition and the inherent responsibility and security a branch offers.

We will have an afternoon panel that looks at what branch transformation is doing to stimulate growth, reduce costs and support staff efficiency along side the pain, the lessons learnt and what not to do next time round.

To register as an audience member and/or a panelist, please visit:

About the day:

We're running this on a Monday. We have a feeling a few of you will come in Friday and make a weekend of it. 

If you are coming in Sunday, you may want to arrive in time to join a few of us for networking and drinks in the bar from 7:30pm onwards at the Marriott Hotel City Creek.

The day includes a brief, behind the scenes tour of America First Credit Union's Innovation Center.

About the venue: 

The day will take place at the Marriott Hotel,  City Creek, Salt Lake City. 

To register as an audience member and/or a panelist, please visit:

The day's agenda:

9:00am - Registration, Networking. 

9:30am - Welcome 

9:45am - Panel: In the age of technology, Are branches lining up for Extinction or Evolution?

11:00am - Break 

11:15am - Keynote: Guest Speaker

11:45pm - Branch Tour of America First Credit Union”s Innovation Center

1:00pm - 60-minute break for lunch

2:00pm - Panel: Lessons Learned, Best Practices and What-not to-do for a successful Branch Transformation

3:00pm - Wrap up

3:15pm - Networking and dinner

To register as an audience member and/or a panelist, please visit:


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