The Elephant in the Branch.

A 360º look at the case for and against

branch transformation.

An invitation to Financial Institutions to attend this complimentary event.

The elephant in the branch: a candid look at branch transformation.


Monday, March 26, 2018

9:00am Registration, 9:30am Start.

Marriott City Creek Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Yes, it's mad for a business invested in branch transformation to be inviting arguments against branch transformation. It's also the right thing to do."- Gearoid Power, Host, Creator and Facilitator of Mini Conf '18 and CEO, Antuar | Branch Transformation

It's a debate:


THE ELEPHANT IN THE BRANCH Mini Conference is a 1-day event for a group of two dozen stakeholders from Financial Organizations to create, debate and participate in a filmed 360 degree conversation about the: 

1.    Dangers of applying a build-it-and-they-will-come, Field of Dreams, branch approach. 

2.    Evolution of technology and what it means for branches; is it evolution or branch extinction?

3.    Commercial value of a transformed branch is focused on relationship building and transaction automation. 

4.    Merit of dumping the branch and building an almighty app instead.


5.    Likelihood of customers giving up human contact, tradition and the inherent responsibility and security a branch offers.


We will have an afternoon panel that looks at what branch transformation is doing to stimulate growth, reduce costs and support staff efficiency along side the pain, the lessons learnt and what not to do next time round.

Danny Tang 

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IBM Global Banking

Worldwide Channel Transformation Solutions Leader

Suzanne Rathke

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Executive Vice President

The RWC Group (Real World Consulting)

Byron Mogollon

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Executive President 

 Plan Market, South America

D. Christopher Howe

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Experience Design Strategist 

Adrenaline Agency

Gearoid Power

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Antuar | Branch Transformation

Lili Cooper

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Vice President

Glory Global

Steve Stryker

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 Former COO

Scott Credit Union

Ben Christensen

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Weber State Credit Union

Fran Fanara

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Senior Vice President

Commerce Bank

"It's not about branch transformation, it's about branch extinction."

- Steve Stryker, COO, Scot Credit Union, Morning Panelist. 

About the day:


We're running this on a Monday. We have a feeling a few of you will come in Friday and make a weekend of it. The day starts at 9am and will aim to wrap up by 4pm with a sponsored evening dinner planned for that night. 

Sunday before the Monday event: 

You are invited to join us for Adrenaline sponsored drinks and networking from 7:30pm. The venue will be a short 2 or 3 minute walk from the Marriott Hotel. 


Monday evening after the event: 

We'd love to have all participants from the day out for our Glory Global sponsored dinner to take place shortly after the day wraps up. The venue will be a short walk from the Marriott Hotel. 

About the venue: 

The day will take place at the Marriott Hotel, City Creek, Salt Lake City. 

About the content: 


We are committed to ensuring we invite some of the brightest minds we know who are both for and against branch transformation.  We want this day packed solid with comments, insights and perspectives that work hard to educate and inform us all. 


We're organizing two panels, each comprising up to 5 of your peers. 


The morning panel will explore the challenges and opportunities of branch transformation whilst the afternoon panel will look at the best practices, key learnings and some what-not-to-do take aways.

"For me, the elephant is the answer to this question;

what is the future of omni channel now?"

- Suzanne Rathke, EVP, The RWC Group (Real World Consulting) Afternoon Panelist. 

The day's agenda:

Sunday night before the event: Networking and drinks sponsored by Adrenaline


9:00am - Registration, Networking. 

9:30am - Welcome 


9:45am - Panel: In the age of technology, Are branches lining up for Extinction or Evolution?


11:00am - Break 


11:15am - Keynote: Guest Speaker: Danny Tang, Worldwide Channel Transformation Solutions Leader, IBM Global Banking


11:45pm - Branch Tour of America First Credit Union”s Innovation Center


1:00pm - 60-minute break for lunch


2:00pm - Panel: Lessons Learned, Best Practices and What-not to-do for a successful Branch Transformation


3:15pm - Wrap up


5:00pm - Networking and evening dinner sponsored by Glory Global

Candid, transparent, uncomfortable; and we're doing it anyway. 

About the filming: 

The conversations of the day are why we're coming.


We will be filming the panels and making the media available for you to use after the fact to support your own personal brand. Release forms and waivers will be made available by email in the run up to the event. We appreciate your signed and dated copies returned via email in advance of the day.


Register using the form on this page. 

Vendor tickets: $590 per person

Financial Institution tickets: $Complimentary




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