inBranch Kiosk

Redefine branch network interactions within your customer

inBranch Kiosk:

Assisted Self-Service customer interface.

Our InBranch Assisted Self-Service application makes it easy for your customers to drive the transactions that would normally be undertaken by branch staff. If the customer is carrying out a transaction that requires approval, the staff member’s kiosk tablet interface, or inBranch Transact, can be used to approve requests in real time, locally or remotely.  

Extending what’s possible.

The features and functionality are really more about what’s possible for the customer to do directly with some great tools for the Branch. Things like:

Log on using different credentials


Seamlessly move between kiosk, tablet and branch interfaces.


Personalise Messages and offers


Deposits & Withdrawal, or cashing a cheque


Cashier's cheque, Money Orders

Print or email receipts and transaction enquiries.

Transferring funds

inBranch Kiosk


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