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inBranch transact is a server-based teller-line application, with a browser based interface that integrates with your back-end systems in real-time.

The Browser based interface connects via a Device Server to any peripherals required such as; card reader, printers, scanners, cash Machines etc. While each bank’s environment will be different – the diagram below displays a sample deployment architecture for inBranch transact.


inBranch transact solution is agnostic to Application Server used, database used, or whether the application is deployed on premise or in the cloud. As inBranch is a browser-based application, it has no requirement for branch servers or shared drive/storage in the branches.


The application server will integrate with your core banking system, directly or indirectly, and any other systems that add value to any or all of the transaction.


All communication between applications, as well as all business logic is managed centrally in the application server.



inBranch is a java server-based solution that is deployed in a

data center. and displayed to branch staff using a browser interface.

 Application Server Options (Agnostic): 

 Virtualized Environments (Optional): 

 Database Options (Agnostic): 

Tomcat; IBM Websphere; Liberty; Openshift

Docker; kubernetes etc.

MySQL; Oracle; DB2; SQLServer


All communications between clients - use TLS communication. All communication between the application server and other systems will generally be TLS, depending on the FI architecture.

 User Authentication 

inBranch transact can authenticate independently, but is more likely to be through integration to your LDAP or core system authentication. The application is a Role-Based application, restricting the functionality / limits available to tellers based on their role.


The inBranch applications are core agnostic and are designed to integrate with your other FI applications.


Integration to third party systems can be synchronous or asynchronous; each connection endpoint can use a different technology or interface standard, or all integration points can be through a middleware.

 Technology : 

Web Services; MQ; SOAP; JSON; XML; Certified JX integration


The inBranch Transact application is hardware agnostic. Antuar will integrate the hardware through XFS, device drivers, etc. using inBranch Devices product technology, this product is included within inBranch Transact. The inBranch Devices product is installed on each client machine. This is the only application required to be installed on the client machine, and provides OOTB integration with various models of check scanners, cash recyclers, pin pads, scanners, printers, and receipt printers.

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