Your devices and Your drivers WANT inBranch Devices

The hardware providers you choose will supply device drivers which will provide an interface for applications to connect to. Typically, device driver interfaces are a mixture of JPOS, COM, XFS.

inBranch Devices provides a single point of integration from a browser application to all of the devices connected to the machine.  It exposes a  JPOS  API for all devices and communicates using the Stomp protocol (websocket with a fallback to long polling) from the browser.


InBranch Devices Technology in your PC

inBranch Devices is a stateless application, the devices themselves will have their own state, however.


inBranch Devices is a self contained application built using Spring Boot.

It can be run as a  Windows Service, or as a Java 

 Process . Browsers on the PC will send messages to the inBranch Devices service/java process with the device id and type, and what action to perform. The browser subscribes to device channels that are broadcast by the inBanch Devices software.  The browser picks up broadcast events with related data from the channels and can action accordingly.


Branch Technology Configuration

Given the manner in which security and infrastructure have moved, inBranch Devices can be installed directly on a physical PC, or on a virtual PC and has been tested with  Citrix. 

inBranch Devices architecture allows for the remote management of all devices. Antuar provides java classes for your application server to allow device management centrally.


In the case of  Cash Recyclers, Cash Dispensers, or 

 ITM/Kiosks,  there is the possibility of monitoring the status and the cash positions from central locations in real-time.


Shared devices / Universal Banker

Installing inBranch Devices on a PC will allow browsers from other machines, including tablets, to access the PC’s devices,  allowing your application to share devices in the branch. 

Antuar provides java classes for this feature to be deployed in your application server.

Antuar’s inBranch Devices is a key component of inBranch, Antuar’s inBranch product suite that include inBranch Transact, a browser based, full service teller application; and inBranch Kiosk, an assisted self-service application that allows customers to service their own needs at a kiosk/ATM which has many of the same peripherals used by tellers. 




Types of Branch devices

  • Document Printers

  • Document Scanners

  • Check Scanners

  • ID Scanner

  • Bar/QR Code Reader

  • Biometric Reader

  • Signature Pad

  • Pin Pad

  • Card Reader (magnetic strip, chip, contactless)

  • Camera

  • Cash Counter

  • Cash recycler (TCR)

  • Cash Dispenser (TCD)

  • Coin Dispenser

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