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“Over 70% of the [people who open accounts online] still state that having a branch nearby is an important factor in selecting a bank” Oliver Wyman, 2015

The branch remains a vital part of the way customers view and engage with their primary financial institution. The role of the branch is continuously evolving with the following becoming market-accepted tenants:

  • The average size of a full-service branch has become smaller in recent years

  • Branch automation in the form of ATMs and kiosks now plays a much larger part than it once did

  • Staff members play a more diverse role and are increasingly referred to as “Universal Consultants”, some may even be remotely linked by video to the customer

  • Not all branches in the network need to deliver the same service/format: pop-up branches; full service; satellite branches etc.


Finding the optimal branch balance to service your customers is a difficult task. Having the right solution implemented in your branch network can allow you to focus on the service each branch should offer, allowing you to get on with the task of building your business and making your customers happy, and safe in the knowledge that the solution will support you and your decisions.


Antuar’s inBranch software allows you to adapt your branch requirements as the need arises. Choose to have your staff as cashless tellers, to use cash drawer users, to integrate with cash recyclers, OR any combination within the one branch, or give them the choice; choose wired or wireless teller stations; choose tablets or PC, or choose both;

choose to provide customer kiosks or not; choose the currencies you want and the languages your customers want.


inBranch is a tool that can be used both at the front- and back office, providing a customer-centric view to the staff, with controlled access through Role-Based Access Control; It even allows access to customers through an assisted-self-service kiosk. It integrates with your origination processes and Customer Requests and ensures there is a continuity of service between channels for the customer (Omni Channel).


With inBranch: YOU decide what configuration you want in each branch; YOU decide who has what capability;

YOU decide what messages should be displayed to your staff members; YOU configure the sales scripts and the rules for including customers in campaigns; YOU can act on the real-time Business Intelligence. YOU can take control of your Branch Offering and in turn your Customer offering.


Build customer relationships

InBranch provides staff (especially the branch staff that deals with the customers face to face) with a complete

360-degree view of every customer, including any customer service requests that your CRM may hold. This significantly increases the opportunity to engage with and understand the customer; inBranch functionality

can be used to prompt branch staff to both up-sell and cross-sell relevant products at the point of contact.


Improved usability creates additional time for customer engagement allowing for staff to build customer relationships, loyalty, trust, and stickiness which can increase the number of products a customer purchases through the branch.


Resolve customer issues by providing the branch staff with the tools and information to understand the customers’ relationships and their concerns.


Integrated assisted self-service kiosks to afford the customers a choice in how they want to interact with your bank and frees up staff to deal with other customers.


Share functionality between the front and back office through Role-Based Access Control: One system.

Increase staff utilization through process workflow, task management, and analysis. The use of recyclers reduces the time taken to dispense and complete the branch process at the start and end of the day. Allow customers access to Assisted Self Service Kiosk functionality.

View real-time business intelligence to understand branch and staff performance in order to make informed decisions, and take any appropriate control/action.


Control communications and sales campaigns without IT involvement.


Connect to document management systems to reduce the paperwork that moves between the front and back offices.


Adapt with browser-based products, designed to work on tablets and PCs that connect wirelessly to the branch devices.


The modern interface is more appropriate for the internet-savvy employees in today’s branches, leading to reduced training times.


The latest java open standards technology allows for a browser-based application that lends itself to cloud deployment and reduced IT costs.

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