inBranch enables your branch network

Antuar understands the way branch networks operate. Your branch is more than a place to take payments or process cash. Your branch is part of your customer offering; it complements other banking channels and creates face-to-face interactions with the customer.

To become more profitable, your branch network needs to:

• Increase customer satisfaction

• Reduce costs

• Drive revenue

Antuar’s inBranch suite of products give you and your staff the tools to be able to improve the metrics on all three, coupled with the business intelligence to track and monitor these metrics, allowing your bank to exceed their targets. There are three products in the suite:

inBranch Transact is Antuar’s transaction and service product for the branch. It offers branch automation in a customer centric interface that promotes sales and service and provides cash management, reporting and controls and business logic.

inBranch Kiosk provides an assisted self service customer interface which bridges the gap between full personal service and self service, offering a rich customer choice of how to interact with your bank and driving staff efficiencies.

inBranch Engage is a sales tool used to proactively target and engage prequalified customers in sales opportunities.

Improve branch operations management

Promote sales opportunities by prompting the users (staff) with prequalified customer details.

Appropriate real time reports offers managers at different levels the ability to understand the branch’s performance and take the appropriate control/action necessary.

Management autonomy: in controlling communications and sales campaigns without IT requirements whilst ensuring that they are empowered to react to customer demand on a day to day basis.

Share functionality between front and back office through Role based Access Control.

Increased staff utilisation: Process workflow provides incentive measurement for the branch staff based on tasks created or completed. staff are up to 40% more efficient with branch automation.

Adaptability and agility: Browser based products, designed to work on tablets and PCs that connect wirelessly to the branch devices. This provides for flexibility in the branch set up, structure, and quick rollout for product offerings.

Connect to document management systems to reduce the paperwork that moves between front and back office.

Build customer relationships with inBrancH

inBranch provides staff with a complete 360-degree view of every customer, including any customer Service Requests that have been raised. This significantly increases the opportunity to engage with and understand the customer; prompting branch staff to both up-sell and cross-sell timely and relevant products.

Integrated assisted self-service kiosks reduce FTE staff numbers and provides better choice to the customer.

Improved usability; InBranch reduces training time; creates additional time for customer engagement; builds customer loyalty, trust and stickiness by increasing the number of products a customer purchases through the branch.

Technology summary

There is no need to replace core functionality to implement the inBranch suite. This means that all the benefits of inBranch can be experienced without a large core system replacement project.

The products are browser based and this allows the roll out of functionality to take place swiftly and easily. The products’ agile approach allows your bank to adapt to market requirements more rapidly.

Built on Java open standards, it is easy for any business to source technical support staff if they find that it is necessary.

Each interface (Staff, Customer or Agent) uses the same underlying business logic and all are controlled by Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and a business rules engine.

All Antuar solutions are modular and can be integrated into a financial institution’s existing system. This means that inBranch can swap any of its modules to use a standard module currently implemented by the bank e.g. workflow (e.g. BPM), authentication solutions (e.g. LDAP) or the selection that best meets their needs.

inBranch Kiosk

The inBranch Kiosk product offers a rich customer facing interface to a financial institution’s branch interactions. The key differences between this approach and other customer channels is the augmented capabilities that enable customers to directly interact with cash recycler, coin dispenser, scanners, printers, card reader, pin pad, check reader and touch screen. Uniquely the customer’s self service interaction is supported locally or remotely by bank staff who can monitor customer activity, approve exceptional transactions and be called for assistance when required.

The customer can drive the transactions that would ordinarily be undertaken by the branch staff, however, if the customer wishes to perform a transaction that requires a staff member to approve it, such as a transaction above threshold amounts, or one that requires a verification of a secondary piece of identification, the staff members’ tablet interface can be used to approve the customers’ requests. As the Kiosk application is part of the branch network, rather than the ATM network, there is access to more business processes and information than an ATM based kiosk.

A tablet interface is used to monitor the status of the kiosks in a branch. Alerts for customer assistance requests are sent to the tablets and the users are presented with contextual information about the customers and the transactions being attempted. That information can also identify sales opportunities, and personalized offers for the customers.

Staff-assisted service provides a way to merge many of the transactions that are performed by a teller, online and via selfservice, into one interface; but with staff assistance always available, as and when required. This approach helps bank branches manage customer transactions more quickly and efficiently, and enables staff to dedicate more time to sales opportunities and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

inBranch Kiosk is delivered on a customer facing tablet interface. Financial institutions can offer business processes that use the devices in the Kiosk. Choices in an automated kiosk include receipt printers, statement printers, check scanners, cash recyclers, coin dispensers, bar code readers, NFC readers, video cameras, document scanners etc. such as in the Glory Global Solutions TellerInfinity.

Implementing inBranch Transact, Antuar’s flagship branch application with Kiosk means that users can also use the Transact interface as well as the Kiosk tablet application to view and approve customer transactions. inBranch Kiosk and inBranch Transact use the same interfaces to the core systems, so integration effort can be shared, as well as efficiencies in implementation and business processes.

Sample Kiosk Transactions

We like to think of the functionality of the Kiosk as an extension of what customers can do on their mobile device, but with the added benefit of all of the extra devices and ready assistance of the branch staff. The user experience should be an extension of the mobile and internet channels.


Log on using different credentials: bank card chip and pin or internet banking credentials, or a one time password generated by the branch staff.

Seamlessly move between Kiosk, Tablet and branch interfaces. Perform transactions with the customer on a tablet, and have them retrieve their cash from the Kiosk.

Personalise messages and offers: because the application is on the branch network, it has access to more information than an ATM. Sales processes can be automated or staff can be informed of potential Sales and Service Opportunities through the tablet interface.

Deposits are available with any combination of cheques, cash and coin.

Withdrawal of funds allows customers to chose how they want their denominations to be dispensed both in cash and coin. They can also choose from which associated account they wish the funds to be retrieved and not just one account that is associated with a bankcard.

Cashing a cheque uses the same business processes.

Cashier’s Cheque details can be captured and sent to a separate dedicated MICR printer. Staff members are informed of the request through the tablet interface.

Money Orders are also available and driven by the customer.

Print or email receipts and transaction enquiries, this can include Tax History and Average Balance Statements.

Transferring funds between accounts is simpler than at an ATM as the customer has access to all of the accounts associated with their profile.

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